Greentec Sheetfed offset ink

Item Code:Sheetfed offset ink Features:Greentec process colors from KINGSWOOD are vegetable based inks and low V.O.C. Environmental friendly while standing out for excellent drying, very good rub resistance , high damping solution tolerance, and excellent transfer property
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Greentec process colors from KINGSWOOD are vegetable based inks and low V.O.C.
Environmental friendly  while standing out for excellent drying, very good rub resistance , high damping solution tolerance, and excellent transfer property.  For all machine types. Stable performance for multi-colors press,+15000/hour, ideally for jobs consider environmental issues or perfecting presses.
Greentec comply with European color standard 12647-2, and it is certified by SGS for ROHS,EN71 and ASTM. The product is well accepted in Europe, North America and Middle East , and stand out for its high gloss, bright colors, low dot gain , medium set speed and suitable for coatings and stay open over night

Sheetfed offset ink

Packaging: available in 2.5 and 1kg vacuum pack.
High gloss
Excellent rub resistance
Rapid oxidative drying
UV coatable
High color strength and bright colors
Outstanding performance in the stack with minimal spray powder
Stable ink/water balance with all fountain solutions with or without alcohol

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