Observation ink color

UV printing ink to "look at the color of color". The shortcomings of UV ink is UV ink is sensitive to UV light, after the construction of the UV ink if you continue exposed under ultraviolet light (such as sunlight and fluorescent lamps), UV ink will continue to react and become yellow. For conventional UV ink, temporarily unable to fundamentally improve, but the extent of the different suppliers of UV ink is not the same, unless the use of specific non yellowing or UV ink.

For UV ink on the ink color, the main reason is the problem of ink. The printing ink has some paint, such as jet blue light, is a kind of blue acidic lake pigments, organic triphenylmethane dyes dye attached in extender pigment such as aluminum hydroxide, formed in water insoluble pigment pigment, low price, hue is bright, but the light fastness, resistance to solvent and alkali resistance is poor, met alcohol solvent or in case of alkali, red phase to be dissolved, weak or disappear. These pigments, such as the use of the books ink (printing surface polish no longer handle) is feasible, but if used in the color box printing ink, is very dangerous, because most of the color box is processed after. Test method is to drop a drop of oil and ink on the surface of the ink, 1 hours after the ink to see whether the color, very obvious.

For the printed paper, if ink color, with forced drying inks, such as drying or placed more time to solve, or the use of neutral base oil, does not contain the UV ink solvents, solvent books UV oil does not contain(offset inks)
Ink and other ways to reduce ink color tendency.
Distinguish ink taste

When buy ink we have to "debate" assessment of UV ink smell of two indicators, one is in the construction process of smell, its main source is the residual solvents in the UV printing ink, under normal circumstances, residual solvent content of 2% or less, under special circumstances, such as cigarettes UV ink is required to be less than 0.5%, but in today's soaring oil prices, many suppliers to reduce the cost of UV ink, add the large quantities of solvents, such as ethanol and toluene, up to a maximum of to 25%, so on the UV ink long-term development and environmental protection is adverse.

UV ink smell of the evaluation on the other index is after the construction of the residual UV ink smell, placed a long time still can't disappear after, its main source is the UV ink improper selection, use the taste of some larger but low price of chemical substances, this point to from fundamental improvement has a certain degree of difficulty, mainly is the cost and choose appropriate materials.

More important point is that the price of the purchase of UV ink, UV ink prices to buy from the ink of the brand and price to evaluate. Many ink multilevel suppliers varies greatly, compared to the buy price is on the high side products, or is not authentic ink products. We have to take into account the transportation costs of the UV printing ink, so it is important to choose a reasonable price. Recommend the largest printing supplies online mall my consumables nets, on the site to buy any printing ink, printing materials are very convenient, just a few mouse clicks can buy ink you want to. The sale of ink prices as low as the ex factory price, is the printing company, printing factory, the best platform for printing ink.