UV ink Future

UV ink is a no solvent, fast drying, good gloss, colorful, water proofing, solvents proofing, abrasion resistant ink. Currently UV ink has become a more mature ink technology, which is almost zero emissions. According to statistics, UV ink, the annual output is about 16,000 tons in Japan, about 1.8 million tons in European, about 19,000 tons in North America. The UV ink waterborne U should be noted.


UV ink is a new research direction of UV inks field. For general UV inks, the IV of prepolymer us normally very high, and need to add active diluents to attenuate
The diluent acrylate compounds currently used have varying degrees of skin irritation and toxicity. Therefore, the development of low viscosity and low toxicity prepolymer diluent while other direction is the study of water-based UV inks. That is choosing water and ethanol as a diluent. Now, the water-based UV ink has been developed successfully, and been put into production in some companies.

UV ink Principle

UV ink will selectively absorb some UV light. The drying will be influenced by total energy of light or different wavelengths of light. Under the irradiation of UV light, UV ink photopolymerization initiator to absorb a certain wavelength of the photon to an excited state, Forming free radicals or ions. Then, by intermolecular energy transfer, change the prepolymer and the light-sensitive polymerizable monomer and polymer to excited state, generating charge transfer complex. These complex and constantly cross-linked polymer particles, curing film


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