Solven-based ink is the most popular ink systems in Jet printing market.
Solvent-based inks mainly penetrate into the substrate surface for coloring. They are mainly developed for ethylene
products, and it is the most popular ink system in jet printing market. Solvent-based ink can keeps longer without
coating. But it need heat treatment during printing and drying. The real solvent-based ink do contains VOC, and it
needs printing company to do ventilation and other air treatments. Overall, apart from those areas which have strict
limitation on air quality, the solvent-based ink has a very prospecting market.

Environmental or low-solvent inks are cheap, and do not contain the VOC, and it do not need air treatment.
Environmental or low-solvent inks can be used in coated or non-coated substrates, when they are printed on coated
substrates, we can control their own network expansion. But for non-coated substrates, we have to use heater or dryer
to expand the network. Environmental or low-solvent inks are cheaper than solve-based ink, and it does not contain
VOC, and it does not need air treatment. Its duration is almost same as solvent-based ink, and we can coat it to
extend its duration.

UV inks is keeping developing and changing, more and more printer are using the new version digital UV ink. When
UV curing ink is introduced to the market at the beginning, it has problems on fragility, curing and adhesion. But after
the new generation appears in the market, all be problems are solved. The new generation ink has more adhesion
and is more flexible. It can meet the requirement of roll-to-roll printing. In addition, it also made great achievement on
color gamut and flexible of ink formulation. The new generation UV ink also can be called cationic UV inks. It adapt the
cold UV light set technology, and can dry immediately, no need to wait for 24hours for drying. In future, those inks will
largely enter into the solvent-based ink market, especially car body advertising and banner printing field.

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