New generation, top quality Dongwu Ink series

                                         New generation, top quality Dongwu Ink series
With the cooperation with European technologies, our company has developed the 2 generation FC wet technology based on previous FC technologies. By special technology, pigment and press cake become wet, fine and with less grayscale. The tenacity and gloss has been improved. The inks transfer is improved a lot and the color tone become more stable from batch to batch.
With this technology, the Dongwu inks will be more bright colored than similar products with conventional FC technology. Dongwu offset inks will bring you 100% pure color.

Series introduction
1.High speed stability: it can run stable with long time in high speed printer with +160000pcs/hr
2.Better ink emulsification balance and transfer. Higher structure of resin makes the ink to have better transfer performance in continuously high speeding running printer. With imported water proof pigment, it increase the tolerance for fountain solution, keeps the emulsification balance, and improve the printing efficiency.
3.Fast replica, improve the printing efficiency, decrease the waiting time after print.
4.Fast dry on paper, stay long time open in machine, and dot point clear, high bright color
5.Good anti-friction ability: with imported synthetic wax and 2 generation wet FC technology, it keeps high density and gloss with improvement of anti-friction ability. It speeds up the ink dry.

Characteristic of product
Dongwu DWA high quality anti-skinning 4 colors based ink is produced by pure pigment and high structure and elasticity resin and vegetable oil with latest 2 generation wet FC technology. It is with high density, better transparency and color saturation. It can reach the emulsification balance quickly, has high ink transfer, can run stable and long terms in high speed running printing machine( 160000pcs/hr). It can be used in all kinds of printing situations and high speed 4 color based machine. It is a good choice for high requirement print.