the quality of offset ink has big relation with the water and ink balance

the quality of offset ink has big relation with the water and ink balance. In the process of printing, water supply is too large or too small are often easy to happen.Water more or less is expressed in dirty plates. But it's not just from water small or big, if increasing water supply resulting in ink and water out of balance, it will form a vicious spiral. What will happen if water is big,


1, to dilute the ink color strengh, no gloss, affect printing color. If using the method of increasing the amount of ink to save is insufficient, and will cause the ink high more and  water more, make the image hair coarse, paste, imprinting not clear.


2, resulting in ink rail,When serious the entire ink rollers will have accumulated water, make the printing plate graphic part without  normal ink supply, due to a printing plate miconioides text.


3, effect the ink drying on the substract. If the ink mixing with excessive moisture, it will put down the ink drying up. If the paper has more moisture, drying rate will be more slowly.

4, If the paper fibers absorb too much water,it will be distorting and cause misregister and make the paper loose texture,  easy to lose hair, accumulation in the blanket or plate and seriously affect the quality of printing products.

5, If the ink emulsification occurrs,the ink will lose viscosity and can not protect  pictures and texts on the printing plate, easy to cause the "flower version", will also reduce printability of the  plates .

Through the above analysis, water-ink balance is a key link in offset printing inks. Except by experience, the more important for operators is to master the proper use of water units and regulation of offset printing machine.